Meet the Team


Founded in 2019 by Saif Bhatti, Renoster Systems Inc. provides nature reserves with remote sensing to detect environmental data and report data back to reserve managers and scientists. Renoster is currently engaging The Nature Conservancy in Texas, USA for pilots across 5 of its reserves.

Meet the team members working hard to bring Renoster's mission to life. Our team spans over 15 timezones from California to Singapore, and includes university faculty advisors from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, and Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

Our Team

Saif Bhatti
CEO / Founder

Data Scientist, IOT Researcher,
Northwestern  '20

Nick Marchuk
Tech Lead

Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Northwestern University

Sam Petralia
Hardware Engineer

ex-SpaceX, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern '22

Josiah Hester
IOT Advisor

Computer Engineering Faculty, Northwestern University

Ilya Mikhelson
Electronics Advisor

Electrical Engineering Faculty, Northwestern University

Jeff Henderson
Outreach Advisor

Associate Director for Sustainability and Energy, Northwestern University